Airfield information
Special landing site
132.015 MHz

Baltrum airfield is a special landing field which can be flown to under PPR (prior permission required) conditions. We have no operating obligation. Each approaching aircraft must inquire beforehand. This can be done by phone, email or online form.
  • Special airfield (PPR) BALTRUM EDWZ
  • Baltrum INFO 132.015 (15 NM 3000 ft GND) BREMEN INFORMATION 125.100
  • Altitude ELEV 6 ft., ARP N 53°43.52` E 07°22.33`
  • RWY MAG 095 and 275 – RUNWAY 09 und 27
  • Dimension : 360 x 15 m from cobblestones/Stone paved
  • Load capacity 2,000 kg MPW for HELI 5,700 kg MPW
  • TKOF 360 m LDG 360 m

Note: Overflights of the island below 2,000 ft. are to be avoided to reduce noise. Watch out for flocks of seabirds south and east of the RWY.

The airfield on Baltrum is approved for:

  1. single-engine aircraft up to 1,400 kg maximum Flight mass as well as Cessna 206 and 182
  2. Helicopters up to 5,700 kg maximum permissible flight mass
  3. self-launching motor gliders
  4. aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft

The airfield area itself is not a national park area, but especially when taking off on the 09, you fly over a sensitive area (breeding area). So quickly gain height and after the start on the 09 turn right as quickly as possible. The published traffic pattern is designed very generously.

When starting on 27 (climb straight ahead), please turn off only after you have flown over the south beach. When landing on the 09, please fly high enough over the harbor road; there are quite high lampposts, but nobody has hit them yet; stand far enough apart.

Even if the runway/RWY is not really long, matching our island, there are safety reserves (grass areas). (Good training for Helgoland visitors)

The airfield is located on the so-called Heller, which is easily flooded at higher water levels and during storm surges (see photo). The parking areas are higher than the slopes and do not soften as easily due to precipitation and flooding. The taxiways should also be used with great caution after floods or precipitation. That's why, if the volume of flights allows, we do all taxiing movements on the fixed runway, or one is sent to the "holding" from time to time.

Surely you have specific questions that you would like to have answered. We can almost always be reached directly on +49 (0) 49 39 – 91 40 40.

We look forward to your call.

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