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Simply start your holiday more individually and let us fly you comfortably and quickly to your holiday in Baltrum. This is definitely the first big "highlight" of your vacation. Of course, we are also happy to take you back to the mainland after your holiday.

But even if you unexpectedly have to interrupt your holiday in order to attend an important business appointment, we can fly you quickly and reliably to your meeting if necessary.

Information on how to get to the airports of the island pilots.

Car travelers:

FLN FRISIA-Luftverkehr GmbH Norddeich
Harle location
26409 Wittmund-Carolinensiel - Am Harlesiel 1 (input for the GPS)

FLN FRISIA-Luftverkehr GmbH Norddeich
Norddeich location
26506 Norden - Westerlooger Strohweg 5 (input for the GPS)

Sail & Fly Baltrum:

If you want to return to the mainland by ship, the Baltrum Line ferry company ( will take you from Baltrum to Neßmersiel.

The ferry company bus at the port of Nessmersiel takes train passengers directly to the north train station. Travelers who have their car parked at the airport would then disembark in the north at the market square and then be taken to the airport by taxi. Or order a taxi directly to the port of Neßmersiel.

If you have made the journey by ship and are flying to the mainland with us, we will order a taxi for you to the airport, which will then take you to the Norden train station or to the port of Neßmersiel.

Driving time from Norddeich Airport to Neßmersiel approx. 20 minutes.

Train passengers:

From Norden or Norddeich Mole, the airport shuttle will take you to the airport at Norden/Norddeich and vice versa. The journey time between the train station and the airport is about 10 minutes.

Taxi Wieczorek          

04931 8000

Taxi Driever

04931 6666

Taxi Seeberg

04931 3535

From Sande, the airport shuttle will take you to Harle Airport and vice versa. The travel time between Sande train station and Harle airport is about 40 minutes.

Der Chauffeur Jever                 

04461 986838

Taxi Agena Carolinensiel

04464 374

Taxi Ahlers

04461 3030


120 euros


194 euros


273 euros


317 euros


335 euros


739 euros


932 euros

Other routes

on demand

All listed charter prices always apply to the entire aircraft and per route. A maximum of 2 adults and one child under 12 years old with luggage (10 kg per person) can be transported.

Easy & Secure Parking

If you are traveling by car to the airport at Norden/Norddeich or Harle, we recommend that you use our parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Free short-term parking spaces are available directly at the airport's check-in terminal for unloading luggage after arrival.
You can then park your vehicle in the airport garages in the immediate vicinity. Parking spaces are subject to a fee and will be charged when the vehicle is picked up. There are several payment machines available for payment. You can find more information about parking at Inselparker.

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